Say No to Medicalised FGM

Louise Robertson

Hoda Ali lives in London and is a sexual health nurse and community outreach worker who campaigns female genital mutilation (FGM). She is also a survivor who underwent the procedure as a child in Somalia. In an interview with The Guardian Hoda explains how she is living proof that all FGM is wrong and can have devastating affects. She experienced a "medicalised" version where anaesthetic and clean medical instruments were used and yet she has had to live with multiple and life threatening health issues as a result of FGM.

Hoda is also a Trustee for anti-FGM charity 28 Too Many and encouraged the charity to investigate the medicalisation of FGM which resulted in a detailed report which you can read in full on the charity's website.

The World Health Organisation has published a global strategy to stop health-care providers from performing FGM and governments need to ensure that anyone, including medical professionals, responsible for FGM is held accountable.


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