Sahiyo Stories - Shattered Silences

Magool Team

In this powerful story, Mariya speaks candidly about her experience as a survivor of “vacation cutting”– female genital cutting done when U.S.-born children are taken out of the country to visit family members in parts of the world where the procedure is not yet illegal. She highlights the importance of storytelling for bringing open conversation about cutting out of the silence, shifting the cultural norms that condone it, and pushing for an end to all forms of female genital cutting.

This story was made in a workshop facilitated by StoryCenter () and funded by the Women's Foundation of California ().

Since she attended this workshop in 2017, Mariya has fundraised to host a workshop in conjunction with StoryCenter that allows other women who have undergone FGC to share their personal stories in their own words in hopes of preventing FGC from happening to future generations of girls.

You can visit her fundraising page here - To learn more about Sahiyo Stories, read


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