COVID-19 Heightening Sexual Violence in Nigeria and Kenya


In the recents Africa-Led Movement webinars hosted by Leyla Hussein and Bethel Tadesse; Bernice Ede, Jeremiah Kipainoi, Clare Henshaw, and Ruth Kilimo, 4 Grassroots activists from Nigeria and Kenya, shared stories of heightened sexual violence during the quarantine and lockdown.

Leyla Hussein & Bethel Tadesse share, in this article published on Global Citizen, the struggles and hardships faced by activists working on the ground tackling sexual violence abuse in the most challenging of circumstances.

You can help support grassroots organisation and activists like Bernice Ede, Jeremiah Kipainoi, Clare Henshaw, and Ruth Kilimo by donating to the GoFundMe set up especially for them.

Bethel Tadesse is the founder of Hidden Scars, an UK-based organisation supporting and amplifying the voices of grassrots activists and orgnisations working to end violence against women and girls*.*


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