We are not outnumbered, we are out organized. How we will win in 2018 - we must consolidate power, put our institutional differences, egos, territorialism to the side and build together.

They will try everything at their disposal - they will disrupt, dismantle, misinform and attempt to pit our communities and political factions up against each other. We can't be naive, we have to be more aware and woke than ever. Our people are worth it.

Electoral politics are not the only key to our liberation and I understand that at a deep fundamental level. BUT it's a short term fix while we build a democracy and a country that truly reflects our values and principles and treats every one with dignity and respect.

I am SO READY for 2018 - I will tell you - they are not ready for us. Come on silent majority - we need you to help us win. We got this. I believe in us.