Transformative Relationships: Love, breaking bread and politics


Bullying, intimidating, defaming, imposing, forcing your opinion or political views down people's throats is not the best approach. It will not get you the results you want. In fact, it will push people even further away from where you want them to be. See its easy to bully, defame, slander folks once you have stripped them of their humanity.

I am not perfect, I evolve but there are fundamental positions that I hold and identities that will never change. I also do not impose them on others. For example, when I set foot in a space to organize with Black communities around ending police brutality - I do not put conditions on my contributions. I give my all, whatever talents I possess, whatever skills I can share, I put them forth without any conditions. I don't ask people to raise their hands before I sit down to gage their politics on Palestine. This is not how the world works.

You build with people, you love them, you show up for them and with them, you break bread, you cry together, you win together and then eventually someone looks over and asks what is your story. You share where you came from, how you got here, how you feel aligned and how your heart connects to them.

You change people's hearts and minds through transformative relationships, through uplifting and being okay with showing up in spaces that are not about you. The transformation comes when you are willing to show up for others without expecting anything in return.