The Progressive Choice in Pennsylvania's 7th District is Greg Edwards


Since Trump’s election, millions of people across the country have taken to the streets, and to the halls of Congress to demonstrate their outrage for Trump's white nationalist agenda. It cannot be overstated how this President's nativist policies harm our families and the beloved community

Democracy is in action, and this is evidenced by the many millions of people who are showing up to save our healthcare, to protect our Dreamers, and to protest racial injustice and systemic economic inequality. As such, we must redouble our commitment to engage in struggle so that we may all live in a just and more inclusive world.

But our struggle is not only in the streets, this year, we are also bringing the power of our voices and the participation of the bodies in our movements to the polls.

We believe the mid-term elections represent our best opportunity in a generation to assert the priorities of our country’s majority - to halt the advances of Trump’s authoritarian vision for the country, and set the stage for a new progressive era in politics and policy making. In defining this new era of politics, we expect to see a blue wave of progressive candidates win up and down the ballot. And, we will see a historic number of women elected to courthouses, statehouses and to Congress! All of these people will be ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work to push out the vested special interests that keep people entrenched in systems designed by fossil fuels companies and the 1%. We reject the politics of scarcity and hate, and we must elect leaders — whether women or men — who are committed to implementing an agenda rooted in the principles of transformative justice.

For this reason, we have decided to endorse Dr. Greg Edwards to replace Charlie Dent in Pennsylvania’s new 7th congressional district. No candidate in this race has spent more time advocating for a woman to make choices around her own body. Greg is committed to getting pay equity, paid family leave and childcare for working families. He was arrested defending the Affordable Care Act. He has led marches around the state budget, and, he's spoken out forcefully in defense of Dreamers and our immigrant sisters and brothers. Greg has also outperformed every candidate by usual voter metrics.

It’s alarming that some national organizations are not standing with Greg. We’re particularly disappointed that Emily’s List, instead of supporting Greg, has decided to invest heavily to back Susan Wild, a candidate who has defended police brutality and opposed local gun reform efforts. We call on all our allies to reject candidates who fail to stand with us on the urgent need for gun reform and police accountability—and to stand with Greg Edwards and other true progressives like him running for office around the country.

Linda Sarsour, Ady Barkan, Winnie Wong