Response to Right Wing and Donald Trump Jr. Attacks


About today's newest wave of right wing attacks on me:

Direct quote from article: "Linda did what she was supposed to do. She had a meeting, got our perspective, got our witness accounts. What else could she do?” he said. “I thought this was over and done with nine years ago.”

Every woman has a right to her story. I also have the right to defend myself, my character and my commitment to women. This is an unfortunate situation that has been weaponized by the right wing including the son of the president of the United States as part of a longstanding smear campaign against me. Don't allow them to use women against each other.

This is an important time of reckoning and I hope women continue to be courageous in sharing their stories.


Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour is rejecting a report that says she failed to act on sexual harassment claims at the nonprofit she led, producing affidavits that cast doubt on elements of the story, published late Sunday by right-wing outlet the Daily Caller.

Sarsour on Monday provided BuzzFeed News with witness statements and email correspondence that offer a markedly different version of what happened after then–staff member Asmi Fathelbab accused an office volunteer of harassing her in 2009.

Fathelbab described assaults that included the volunteer, Majed Seif, sneaking up behind her “with a full erection,” pinning her against a wall to rub his crotch against her, and following her to and from work.

“You could hear me scream at the top of my lungs,” Fathelbab told the Daily Caller. When Fathelbab took her claims to Sarsour, she said, she was body-shamed and dismissed as an attention-seeker. Seif and others who worked at the nonprofit have denied the allegations.

Fathelbab is the latest woman in recent months to allege that her workplace mishandled her harassment complaint. She said she had "no aim or angle for this other than my story be heard," when asked if she had any concerns about the story being used online in a partisan way to attack Muslim Americans.

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