Linda Sarsour Asks, 'I Am the Biggest Problem of the Jewish Community?

Round up from last night's panel on combating antisemitism.

Round up from last night's panel on combating antisemitism. It'll never shut down the opposition entirely but I hope it puts some of the hysteria about me in the Jewish community to rest.


Minutes before Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour took the stage at The New School’s Alvin Johnson Auditorium as part of a panel on anti-Semitism, one of the organizers went up to deliver a number of key instructions to audience members in case protesters would try to shut down the event.

But the fears that the event would be disrupted by right-wing protesters turned out to be for naught. Despite two weeks of a media frenzy, a petition signed by more than 21,000 people and loads of criticism from both left and right, the panel concluded with only two very minor interruptions.

“Apparently I am the biggest problem of the Jewish community? I am the existential threat, Apparently? I am confused, literally, every day,” said Sarsour, addressing the controversy that preceded the event.

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