Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel


I don't care how many times he says it. Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel and never will be. We should all be OUTRAGED by the reckless, ill-informed decision made today by this dangerous man. We should also QUESTION anyone who is seen as moderates/liberals who are applauding this decision because it tells me a few things: you never cared about a peaceful resolution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, you are NOT invested in any resistance to this administration if you are standing with this misogynistic, racist, bigot now.

How am I feeling? OUTRAGED. How else am I feeling? Unapologetically Palestinian because the Palestinian people are a resilient, strong people and Palestine will inevitably be free - the question has never been if, it's when. A matter of time.

This president DOES NOT and WILL NOT ever represent me. I will never be blinded by my own self centeredness to applaud a decision that I may agree with and forget that you just aligned yourself with a racist bigot against the majority of the international community. UNACCEPTABLE.