ICE Deportation Threatens to Break Up Queens Family

After 37 years as an undocumented immigrant, Queens man is being deported, leaving family behind


This is INHUMANE. This is NOT OK. Riaz has been in the US for 37 years, has two American citizen children and a wife suffering from thyroid cancer. He is set to be deported and separated from his family. I am ashamed, outraged and sad. The tears of that little boy seared through my heart.

Ask Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to intervene ASAP to call DHS and stop this madness.


Thousands of undocumented immigrants whose cases were not considered a priority by the Obama administration have been deported since Donald Trump became President. A Queens man who had been one of those low-priority cases, living here for 37 years, is now days away from being sent out of the country, too, leaving his cancer-stricken wife and two children behind. NY1's Michael Herzenberg has their story:

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