Just as we encourage people to follow the perspectives of Palestinians when it comes to issues related to Palestine - I encourage the same for what’s happening in Iran. Follow perspectives and commentary from Iranians and experts on Iran, especially Iranian women.

There are legitimate frustrations and grievances and the Iranian people are a steadfast and courageous people and have the right to protest and should be given the space to put forth their demands. I stand with the women of Iran and their right to choose to wear or not wear hijab - no government should ever legislate women’s dress/choices. Hijab is and has always been about choice in Islam. We must also remember as we watch what’s unfolding on social media and tv that Iranians are not a monolith.

Having said all that, I am not interested in the hypocrisy of the conservative American right who supports a President who has banned Iranians from entering the US but all of a sudden is showing “concern” for the Iranian people. I am not interested in the hypocrisy of conservative American women who stand against the right for me to choose what I do with my body and are glad to see us stripped of our reproductive rights all of a sudden show “concern” for Iranian women and their quest for full freedom.

Get your American house in order - protect Black women from being murdered at the hands of police and gun violence, alleviate the poverty of millions of women and children in the US, address rampant sexual assault and rape on college campuses and in the military, ensure that all Americans have access to basic healthcare and that women get paid the same as men for the same work - then maybe I can believe that you care about the women of Iran.

Maybe if I saw the same conservative pundits and leaders outraged over the murders of Sandra Bland, Aiyana Stanley Jones, Rekia Boyd or their outrage over the massacres and mass rapes of Rohingya Muslim women in Burma - maybe then I would believe your fake concern for Iranian women.

Let the Iranian people determine their own fate and future. We believe in them. We can support the aspirations of the Iranian people and be against American imperial ambitions.