My friend Erika and her people need YOU. This is so dangerous. The bravery is remarkable.

Call Schumer: (202) 224-6542
Call Curbelo: (202) 225-2778

From Erika Andriola :

UPDATE: Erika and the 6 other Dreamers & one ally who were arrested on Friday are being held in police custody until at least Tuesday am. They were brought before a judge and the government requested a hold in response to their noncooperation. In accordance with the direction of their clients, the #Dream7attorneys did not oppose the hold. They have all been transferred to DC jail. We have reason to believe that DC Court Pre-Trial Services took initiative to contact ICE about Erika. I spoke with Erika via phone from jail at 3:45a last night and confirmed to share this. Every day they are in police custody the danger of additional ICE engagement and then deportation grows, as it grows for all undocumented youth with each day that goes by without passage of the Dream Act. We have confirmed that Erika and the others are all on hunger strike and have been since they were arrested. They are committed to remaining in jail until Senator Chuck Schumer & Rep. Carlos Curbelo publicly confirm they have the votes to block any spending bill without a clean Dream Act. We request solidarity to put maximum public & private pressure on Schumer & Curbelo via all channels. Please share this post everywhere and take action at FightForOurDream.Org. Thank you so much to all who are taking any action to support at this difficult time.~Kai #OurDream #NoDreamNoDeal

For press inquiries please contact Candice Fortin (917) 244-7206 or Cynthia Montes (562) 237-1166.