Critique in the Movement is Good


If you are part of the movement, committed to justice and freeing our people and you agree with EVERYBODY - something ain't right. If you find yourself without critics and haters - something ain't right. If you stop yourself from saying or doing something you truly believe in because you are afraid of people's responses or backlash - something ain't right.

The issue is not everybody else - it's you. This work is not about trying to impress everybody or appease anybody. This work also ain't about staying silent in the face of injustice because some folks in the movement may have a differing position about an issue. You decide and lead from a place of conviction and let the rest fall in place. That may mean some folks don't get down with you and that's cool.

I get attacked by people at every interval of the political spectrum. From the right to the left and in the middle. I don't follow trends, I follow what I believe is right and sometimes it's not the most popular but I feel good and I sleep well at night.

Critiquing and debating each other is cool in the movement, it allows us all to evolve and grow. Straight hatin' isn't - especially if you have the means to reach out to someone and share your thoughts.

Movement work requires a level of maturity that not every one unfortunately has. No room for petty.

Love to my organizer and activist friends who know how to prioritize the work and not their egos. Love to those who keep their mind on liberation and understand at the end of the day, all we got is each other.