This is not a drill. Alabama, I am talking to YOU. I am talking to people of good conscience, mothers and fathers of daughters - Tuesday is an IMPORTANT election that will send repercussions throughout the nation. Alabama, you have the opportunity to etch a story in history - where you defeat a sexist, misogynist, bigot, child molester who is supported by this disgraceful president.

Doug Jones is not perfect - but he needs your vote. This is bigger and let's recognize the collective purpose behind this strategy. Roy Moore was asked when was the last time America was great and he used slavery as an example of that time. This man is horrific and as democrats across the country resign in shame over accusations of sexual harassment- we can not let this republican child molester walk the halls of the US Senate. We CANNOT allow it.

We all know someone or someone who knows someone in Alabama - make a call, text, go down and volunteer - DO SOMETHING. Vote vote vote.

Roy Moore should not be allowed to win this election on our watch.

Let's do this Alabama. Come through.