Breitbart's Islamophobic Super Bowl Tweet Didn't Go Over Too Well...


(Source: The Daily Beast)

Breitbart News on Monday deleted a racist tweet envisioning a future in which Muslims take over the United States and end the Super Bowl. The tweet, posted Sunday night during the NFL championship game, imagined a conversation between a Muslim child (“‘lil Muhmmad”) and his grandfather. “Grampa, what’s a Super Bowl?” the fictional child asked. The grandfather replied that it was a tradition from “back when the kuffar ran things, they stitched up filthy pig skins, moved them around painted lines, and shoved each other.” Breitbart deleted the tweet more than 12 hours after posting it. “We have deleted a tweet that did not meet our editorial standards,” Breitbart tweeted Monday afternoon, a remarkable break from their past habit of openly celebrating their racist content.

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This is so gross. I'm kind of surprised they deleted it, actually.