2018: We Won’t Just Fall in Line


I wanna be very clear about something especially as we go in to an election year. You can call me divisive or whatever else but I am gonna speak some uncomfortable truths because I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my well being and my heart for the sake of politics.

I have never been loyal to any particular political party and in fact have been known to be a critic of the Democratic Party. But I also have voted for Democrats because of short term gains and protecting the communities I love and come from. I will not succumb to the idea that the only people working against us are Republicans because that just isn’t true. Are they a major problem for those of us who are progressive and represent marginalized communities? Yes. Are they the only problem? Absolutely not.

Beware of those who speak of solidarity with communities of color and marginalized folks but when leaders emerge to run for office from these communities - democratic insiders/establishment, Democratic operatives pronounce this is not their time. They question their experience, their qualifications even when they are more than qualified. Somehow they are enough as a talking point for a stump speech but not enough to actually lead. When they see these new leaders gaining ground, successfully fundraising, inspiring a new generation of voters they do everything they can to undermine them to the point of creating false narratives and instilling doubt about viability and eligibility of said candidates with absolutely no basis. This is an old tactic and it was shameful before and shameful now.

If you think the enthusiasm and momentum this resistance has built is to maintain the status quo and same old politics and brand - you are absolutely mistaken. We have a strong progressive movement who wants to see more progressives in office. We want more women, people of color, immigrants, young people and yes, Muslims. We will engage in primaries and we will win some and we will lose some but we will not stifle Democracy. We all know that come November, in most cases, we will support who ever wins those primaries BUT we will not just fall in line.

This is THE MOMENT. Winning from the center is a flawed strategy. We will win hearts and minds by focusing on the issues that ordinary people care about. You speak to the needs, aspirations and dreams of the people. Put your ears to the most disenfranchised communities and voters - and for once, LISTEN. INVEST IN THEM. BELIEVE IN THEIR POTENTIAL. THEY HAVE POWER.

In 2018, we will pour our hearts out to win back the House and Senate to at least slow down the roll backs on our civil rights and attacks on our communities. I will put everything on the line. I will work 24 hours a day if I have to. BUT we will not be taken for granted, we will not just follow orders. We will fight for the leaders we know we deserve, the issues that we care about and the right to participate fully in our democracy. And you better believe we will fight to win and in the process we will make history.

When our loyalty lies with our communities, with the most hurt and vulnerable amongst us - then and only then will we see true transformative change. 2016 taught me A LOT and now I am gonna implement those lessons.