Every morning I wake up - a new headline, a new google alert. It's exhausting. Cheap shots. Defamation. Making me out to be public enemy #1 and I don't mean the rap group. It's so damn exhausting. It's more exhausting that my children don't live in caves and are subjected to it since main stream media doesn't see anything wrong with letting people print their opinions as matter of facts in papers of the record.

There are too many using me as a symbol of what our country is grappling with. Can Palestinian Muslim American women who wear hijab be seen as fully human, competent, charismatic, effective organizers and activists who can bring people together and transform our nation at a time when we need it most? Can our country come to terms with the fact that demographics are changing, people are becoming more politically conscious and marginalized groups are leading? I have become a symbol of what is not supposed to be - and that has caused many to decide how many ways they can try to take me down or take me out.

I am human. I am not a robot. I won't lie and say that this negative hate doesn't Impact me. It does. Some days more than others. I pray that God protects me from the lies, the deception, the vilification and the threats that follow it. May he continue to guide me, keep me focused and remind me often of what's important and what's at stake.

I ask that you pray for me, send me good vibes. It gets harder.