#OsloFF Talk — Janet Hinostroza, 2014

Janet Hinostroza - Rise of an Elected Autocrat
Janet Hinostroza - Rise of an Elected Autocrat

Janet Hinostroza's speech at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum. See more talks like this at www.oslofreedomforum.com and follow @OsloFF for updates.


Ecuadorean television host and investigative reporter Janet Hinostroza details the crackdown on independent media in Ecuador under the rule of President Rafael Correa. More than 20 media companies have been forcibly shuttered for their critical views of his government, and Hinostroza herself lost her job for reporting on a corrupt loan deal involving Correa’s cousin. She highlights the hypocrisy of Correa—who offered international whistleblowers refuge, while simultaneously passing laws prohibiting the dissemination of classified information by members of the Ecuadorean press. Hinostroza urges us to spread awareness of the threats against press freedom in Latin America.


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