#OsloFF News — Luis Almagro in the PanAm Post


By Adriana Peralta

Luis Almagro, of Uruguay, is President of the Organization of American States. He’s planning to use Article 20 of the OAS Democratic Charter to suspend Venezuela from the organization, an unprecedented move.

Almagro wants a Permanent Council of member states focusing on Venezuela, whose citizens have been protesting for more than 50 straight days amid hunger and medicine shortages, as well as deteriorating human rights standards.

During the Oslo Freedom Forum, which spreads awareness of freedom advocates challenging authoritarian governments, we caught up with Almagro to ask him about Venezuela.

He spoke at the forum this year, lecturing on the situation in Venezuela, which he said has the worst government in its history.


Read the interview here: https://panampost.com/adriana-peralta/2017/05/26/exclusive-interview-with-oas-chief-almagro-venezuela-deserves-a-legitimate-government/


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