#OsloFF News — Jon Von Tetzchner in Wired


By Rowland Manthorpe

Jon von Tetzchner has been working on the internet since the start. The Icelandic programmer created Opera, one of the very first web browsers, in 1996. Although Opera was able to retain a loyal following throughout the Noughties, thanks to features such as tabs, the vicious browser wars eventually took their toll, and in 2011, with Opera struggling, von Tetzchner left the company.

Today, von Tetzchner is working on a new browser, Vivaldi, aimed at heavy internet users – and at the same time worrying about the state of the web. We caught up with him at "Davos for dissidents" Oslo Freedom Forum, where he proposed a new solution to the problem of propaganda online.

Read the interview here: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/jon-von-tetzchner-opera-facebook-google


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