How to Protect Yourself While Defending Civil Liberties in Iran


(WORDS IN THE BUCKET) — "United for Iran is an NGO that aims to defend human rights in Iran by increasing the awareness of civil society and engaging citizens through technology. Their project Safe Activism: Reducing the Risks and Impact of Arrest is an innovative attempt to secure the rights of political prisoners through a guide based on the experiences of former activists who were once arrested. The project manager Mahdieh Javid explained to WIB how they were able to develop this idea and why it matters.

The unrest created by mass protests of Iranian civil society in 2009, which earned the name “the Green Movement,” resulted in mass arrests of political activists. United For Iran documented how these prisoners were treated in an attempt to measure whether human rights were being respected or not. Once the momentum was over, United For Iran decided to expand its actions and actively engage in the defense of human rights.

They soon detected a problem[...]"

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