Addressing Islamist Terrorism at the Roots


In times of full awareness of the short-term danger Islamist terrorism poses to populated cities in the West (an awareness that started on September 11, 2001), it is important to thank law enforcement (like the NYPD) for working day-in and day-out to prevent terrorist attacks from happening, but it is also very important to read and support Muslim authors and activists who risk their lives as leaders of a movement for deradicalization of existing islamists and identification of islamist terrorist networks in the West, on the one hand, and for a long-term bottom-up liberal reformation within the Muslim world similar to the one the Christian world endured starting 500 years ago and into the Enlightenment, on the other.

Regarding short- and mid-term strategies on how to talk about and fight the Global Jihadist Insurgency or the soldiers of "islamism," I recommend the work of Quilliam and his leader (former Jihadist) Maajid Nawaz, who spoke at HRF's Oslo Freedom Forum in 2016:

In the long term, religious reformation inevitably starts with reading ancient holy scriptures under a more enlightened, less brutal, intolerant and archaic light. On this topic, I recommend the books "Islam Without Extremes" and "The Islamic Jesus" of Mustafa Akyol, which he summarizes in this lecture he gave at Wellesley College earlier this summer:


Oslo Freedom Forum