His holiness Mar Gewargis (George) iii Sliwa (Cross) is in my body and he’s a murderer of the body.…


His holiness Mar Gewargis (George) iii Sliwa (Cross) is in my body and hes a murderer of the body. Ive been poz for 15 years and he thinks he has it with all 16 bishops of the church think they have it and Im gay and being punished by them. He is causing me to tech out my brain hand he is eating food from right in front of me eggs 🥚 which is people and not coming out of my body on time when I say come out I said it and he thinks I yelled and it resetted his mind to an idiot bc hes in my head. I did not align myself with people they came out of no where and they think theyre somebody through me? No. Theyre out of body have made it all the way to Washington DC and the White House who ate these people? Theyre probably Assyrian. And if you know who I am or me you one thing you should know is that I dont talk to illiterate people dumb old people. I havent talked to any of them at that church that I used to go to the church and I never even talked to anybody in a style like that. Who are these people? What do they think their doing their; What do they think theyre doing with me? Why call upon church hierarchy to solve this. I am so tired of telling on people and this shall be the last of a crowd of people I ever want to be apart of because they are hard to get to and they are takers to build a live egg 🥚 they are bad they are air tonic they will hurt your inhale air intake and make you spin bad in a hallucination you nobody would agree with. I take time to repair myself and I think I am down right now because Im tired there are traps set in my house that I live in with my parents well theyre called parents but theyre really my brother and sister and they dont give a care damn striking care in their mind about me. All they care about is this made up, fake, by the air schizophrenia and this possible fake hiv positive undetectable status that I have. They again after all this time devotion are still in me licking my bones this church hierarchy and I dont know what to do theyre in my head on top of my brain 🧠 on facing my forehead. Do you know how much I take care of myself Im like a model for taking care of myself. Just as Ken Doll is thats how much I like taking care of myself including cologne, a complete shower with the best shampoo and conditioner there is to the best body cleaner there is and I wash and rinse them I take a clean towel to touch quickly and gently excess water and change into clean clothes every single day. What is this splurge in me why is it turning my health. These hierarchs were in a Chicago police officer I had sex with and they gave him fake hIV from the then his holiness Mar Dinkha (Epiphany) IV the fourth he is now dead and he had to stand for 20 years that I didnt see this sex mate for that long and now its 2018 that he stood to tech out the dead ugly man with his heart still hot and beating in him and his hat which he is his holiness and that means magical things happening in and out conversations touching talking feelings like getting really upset at every single person this hat is dangerous to our health; Its a fez hat with three Arabic black rolls that are made still together by a square piece of black stitch that resembles a an old and new door. Im saying this guy had to stand up for the longest time ever this police officer from Chicago that I dont talk to anymore because I barely made it to it but lost his contact information, so he had to get an instant messenger of people flesh a so called immer to fix his problem by just great good wonderful of the help we had of the people to tech them out of him having the Pissed off man get his body back then by fresh multi billion dollar air flow going through his out of body through his body and through out his body all the way to the outer back and through his back. Then my mother is too much of a Christian, I should also say my sister about her, that she has brought this gay thing of mine all the way into hatred in her mind that she causes hurt to me by always talking about either making me food or saying constantly by the blood of Jesus May your Desmond be abolished crushed destroyed. Man why couldnt I figure out these people where in my house by the hundreds. And by the way the Chicago police mans trauma drama that I mentioned above well it wasnt anything like that big but in health definitely they depositioned those hierarchy freaks right then and their as their behavior was totally inappropriate totally causing that much damage to the black mans body, oog( oh our God)! This is the thing when people come together and are just great and good they can make create miracles! Thats what we need! Right now! Not mettlesome tired distraction by some but real awoken people.