Dear Friend I am taking the liberty to address our plight to general public worldwide and seek its…


Dear Friend
I am taking the liberty to address our plight to general public worldwide and seek its support on social media hoping that our cry in wilderness will be heard and natural justice shall be awarded to us as great harm has been done to us by the authorities at various levels of governance in New Zealand.
After having been denied justice from various authorities right from INZ to Hon’ble Supreme Court, Hon Immigration Minister, Hon Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Hon Auditor-General of New Zealand office, the Hon Governor-General of New Zealand office etc etc we have finally dared to knock the doors of general public worldwide seeking help for fair justice.
Our case has been twisted and played with in such a manner by these authorities that the genesis and base to be seen through the principle of 'Res Ipsa Loquitur' has been muddled and so called 'decisions' have been delivered only to deny us natural justice.
Our case is self-explanatory and if gone through with a clear, unprejudiced and unbiased conscience shall reveal how we have been made more sinned against than sinning and how discrimination, partiality coupled with triviality (as evinced in the Hon High Court typescript) have been made our fate.
Our case details how we have grievously been wronged by the INZ in its failure to perform its statutory duties as per the law. It is as simple as anything. Had we been issued the statutorily, mandatorily required Visa Explanatory Letter, we, being simple-hearted, God-fearing, law-abiding, and pro-establishment, we could have fulfilled all the conditions as per the law. But this simple thing has been exaggerated in the legal verbiage and has harmed us greatly. All these authorities have upheld the cancellation of our visas but exonerated the INZ in its failure of sending us the said letter which is the fountain-head of our punishment.
This failure on the part of INZ has caused us the cancellation of our hard earned Resident Visas together with much harassment, mental and emotional torture which can by no means be repaired.
As we presume, our unaffordability to hire a lawyer has been exploited to punish us only in the name of judicial functioning which is what it is.
We earnestly request you to kindly help us to obtain equitable and fair justice in following with the application of the rule of the law and not that which is highly discriminatory, biased, prejudiced, man-made and inhuman.
Consequently, we seek fair justice in the form of restoration of our cancelled resident visas and compensation for undergoing a great emotional torture for no fault of ours.
We look forward to general public seeking their help so that equitable justice based on truth shall be allowed to prevail.
Disclaimer: We do not mean any prejudice, ill-will or contempt to any individual or authority, in stating the facts of the case, nor do we nourish, nurture or relish proceeding as we have to, to get natural justice in our case, for we feel that a grave injustice has been done to us in the cancellation of our hard-earned Resident Visas, whereas the INZ in the non-issuance of Visa Explanatory Letter in 2012, the fountainhead of our woes, has been exonerated, with motives best known to the officials concerned. If proceeding as such for justice goes against any person, we sincerely apologise.
With due regards

DR RC Dahiya & Savitri