New on Cambodia: In a message to HRF, Cambodian opposition leader Mu Sochua confirmed that Cambodia has limited access to the internet and news sites just days before the general election on July 29:

“For the past few hours, it’s been confirmed that several ISPs (Online, Opennet, Today, etc.) and mobile companies (Mobitel, Metfone, Cooltel, etc.) are actively blocking websites of independent online media/radio outlets including RFA (, VOA (, and VOD ( As well websites of English newspapers, Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily have also been blocked by a few ISPs. This is the first web censorship since the release of the parks on media in late May 2018.”

According to Mu, the government is also violating its people’s right to assembly. Local news is reporting that even gathering to eat noodles is considered an act of treason.

These egregious violations of civil and political rights make it clearer than ever before that Sunday’s elections are illegitimate.

Read HRF’s statement on Cambodia’s election here:

Watch Mu Sochua’s Oslo Freedom Forum talk, just released today, here: