HRF in the News — A Selection of Articles on Kanye West in Kazakhstan


"Kanye West Performs for a Dictator's Family, and Human Rights Activists Are Livid"
Mother Jones

"Human Rights Group DIngs Kanye for Kazakhstan Trip"
Associated Press

"Kanye’s $3M Kazakh Cash-in"
The New York Post

"Human Rights Foundation Chastises Rapper Kanye West for Kazakhstan Wedding Performance"
The Washington Post

"Kanye West Criticized for Kazakhstan Performance"
Rolling Stone

"Kanye's Kazakhstan Concert Not First Controversial Gig Of Its Kind"
MTV News

"Kanye West Under Fire from Human Rights Foundation After Performing for ‘Ruthless’ Dictator’s Family in Kazakhstan"
National Post

"Kanye West Criticized By Human Rights Foundation Over His Kazakhstan Performance"

"Five Places Kanye West Could Have Performed Other Than Kazakhstan"
The Los Angeles Times

"Kanye West Under Fire for Kazakhstan Show"
The Wall Street Journal

"Dancing With The Dictators: Kanye West Joins The Club"

"Kanye West Receives Backlash From Human Rights Foundation For Kazakhstan Gig"
Vibe Magazine

"Kanye West Under Fire for Kazakhstan Performance"

"Dennis Rodman, Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West: BFFs with Dictators"
The Guardian