China human rights: Wife marches for 'vanished' husband


The wife of a detained Chinese lawyer has begun a march of more than 100km (62 miles) to try to find answers about his fate.

Li Wenzu is walking from Beijing to Tianjin, where she thinks Wang Quanzhang may be being held.

She told the BBC she had heard nothing since his arrest 1,000 days ago and did not even know if he was still alive.

Mr Wang was held in August 2015 during a nationwide crackdown that detained more than 200 rights activists.

Activists say the "709" crackdown as it is now known - a reference to 9 July, the date it began - was a sign of the growing intolerance of dissent under President Xi Jinping.

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This is real China like Russia Putin How people vanish under pretect of being a criminal Sadly what she says at the end he is dead already as he refused to cave in like other lawyers Now with the china head for life its going to create a Dictatorship Type atmosphere in china worse for all over period of time