Press Release — Zimbabwe Releases Activist from Illegal Detention — But Will Not Drop Charges


NEW YORK — Human Rights Foundation (HRF) welcomes the release of #ThisFlag movement founder Evan Mawarire in Zimbabwe, and asks the government to drop all charges against him. The Harare High Court ordered Mawarire to be released subject to a $300 bond, the surrender of his passport, and the obligation to report twice a week to the police. Mawarire was detained last Wednesday at Harare International Airport and is being charged with “subverting constitutional government” and “insulting the flag” for his role in last year’s peaceful protests in Zimbabwe. He is expected to appear in court next week, on February 17.

“Mawarire is a peaceful protester. His only ‘weapon’ is his determination to shine a light on the darkness of Robert Mugabe’s 36-year-long rule,” said Thor Halvorssen, president of HRF. “In a democracy, peaceful protests typically end with the demonstrators going home. But in Zimbabwe, anyone who dares to speak out is subject to a prosecutorial nightmare, and faces a 20-year prison sentence. Mugabe’s regime must stop arresting peaceful protesters and grant Zimbabweans freedom of speech. All charges against Mawarire should be dropped immediately,” he added.

Last year, Mawarire was arrested for “inciting public disorder” after he called for a general strike in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. Those charges were eventually droppeddue to a procedural error in court.

Mawarire is confirmed to speak at the upcoming 2017 Oslo Freedom Forum, organized by HRF and taking place May 22-24.

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• Frederick Makamure Masiiwa Shava, Permanent Representative of Zimbabwe to the United Nations. Email: and;

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