I wholeheartedly agree with you.....not only islam but other religions too......i do not wishfor others to leave their religion and stop their practices but what i want is for these god believers to also consider the negative impact of these silly dillusions it has on the society and their own mentality.......i have no right to stop them from following their ideals..their beliefs but also am disgusted with how twisted it has made them... People fight and kill each other for their god...but has he ever descended from the holy heavens to stop his loved creations from killing each other....some shitty people wrote some shitty things on something and pronounced it as a message from the god....does any of them had any proof....did their god ever came to stop the WW1 AND 2 when people were killing each other cold bloodedly for dominance over them.....if he loved his creations equally than why are us of female genders are trampled upon......is it our fault that we did not turn out to be a male child....that we have two X chromosomes instead of a X and Y chromosome.......

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Afif Khaja
Afif Khaja

It is really amazing that although Islam actively discriminates against women, women tend to me far more religious than men in my experience. Islam allows men to have four wives and have unlimited sex slaves even if the sex slaves are already married. It is a very immoral religion. I think secular humanism is much more moral and much closer to the truth

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