Hi Harris,
I am a born muslim, never doubted my logic since childhood about Islam. After the Paris bombing, I began to think and started to research about the core issues of Islam. The more I kept going, I was getting convinced that it is all a geopolitical man made bull shit.
Now, I have been following you lately. I congratulate you for your time, effort and courage you show to bring the truth for us all. I have recently seen you with Hamza Ali Abbas. I have been his fan in a way and liked the way he discussed with you so passionately. I would like you to throw at him the verses 50 and 51 of surah 33. How can Allah or God can proclaim such verses for Muhammad's personal sex life only. After going through these two verses, I am totally convinced that it is a man made book to satisfy his own lust and desire. I would like to hear what Mr. Hamza Ali Abbas has to say in favour of these verses. To me, no rational man can accept these verses as the word of God.
Thanks once again for everything you are doing.


Atheism & Islam