Working Moms in Ghana Prove Clean Water Has an Empowering Effect

Every day mothers work hard around the world. And every day should be an occasion to celebrate and show gratitude for all the hard working mothers of the world.

Some mothers work so hard that they spend their time off taking care of sick children. But other mothers don’t get time off to care for ill children.
In Northern Ghana, working mothers don’t get sick days. If they did, they would use them to care for sick children, who are susceptible to diseases from unclean water.
In Ghana, thousands of child deaths result from diarrheal disease caused by bacteria in dirty water each year. Globally, unsafe water is the number one cause of death for children under age five.
The video above highlights the harm to working mothers and their children when families collect dirty water from the stream without resources to clean that water.
The impact of dirty water has a ripple effect. Children miss out on school and future opportunities while mothers take a hard hit not being able to generate an income desperately needed for building a better future.
But, as P&G’s video also demonstrates, the world’s largest killer, and a major setback for working women, is preventable.