We can solve the climate crisis if we RYSE together!

We are running out of time to solve the climate crisis. Every day it seems more people are calling out for climate action, but still, every time global leaders meet, they fail to reach binding agreements to curb greenhouse gasses.

That's why Earth Guardians is launching a new training program called RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth). Your contribution will directly support 21 young leaders from around the country to get in-depth leadership training by top trainers from around the country to spearhead key national youth-led campaigns that have political weight in the streets and in the courts.

Support one of our young leaders, Aji, to be able to attend this amazing leadership development training:

Here's more about Aji's story:

Aji, 16, grew up in the woods of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. From his upbringing Aji developed a deep love and connection to the forest and waters of the Pacific Northwest. His journey in activism began when he learned about oil trains coming through his city and along the coast and he was driven to take part in protests and legislative hearings. He has since served his community by founding the Seattle chapter of Earth Guardians and serving as the President of Plant for the Planet, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting climate change through planting trees.

As one of 21 youth plaintiffs suing the United States Government in a Landmark U.S. Federal Climate Lawsuit, Aji is taking matters into his own hands. He is also plaintiff on another youth-driven lawsuit demanding that Washington's environmental department act to mitigate climate change.

During his spare time you can find Aji volunteering at local food banks, doing forest restoration work with his mother, and performing powerful activist-driven music.

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Definitely we all need to stand for anything that is possibly going to do worst for our country