Sima Galanti: My American Dream

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With a strong passion for growth and enlightenment, while Sima continually challenges herself she believes that by reaching for the stars she can achieve anything that she sets her mind to and hopes to encourage others to do the same. She’s currently working on a new project called “Broken Wings."

Sima Galanti

Her musical journey began in a room she shared with her older sister Janet in their childhood home in Israel. Being a huge fan of rock music, Sima’s sister exposed her to an array of classic, alternative and contemporary rock music, thus sparking her passion and desire to perform. At an early age, she honed her musical abilities and talent to pursue a life as rock singer. Knowing that the US was the pinnacle of success for so many music artists, she made the decision to leave Israel and move to Manhattan, NY to cultivate her music career. Although it was extremely difficult for her to leave her family and friends behind she felt strongly that achieving her dream would also fulfill her life’s mission. After she settled into her new home in the US, Sima met two young producers from London – Diego and Aaron Knight, who believed in her and her talent as a singer and songwriter. Together they provided her with unyielding encouragement and support. For the next two years, she focused all of her time and energy on songwriting and developing a solid singing style. She drew inspiration from a variety of music artists and bands, such as Stevie Nicks, Bjork, massive attack, Perfect Circle, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, along with groups like U2, Pearl Jam, Radio Head and The Cranberries. With a pop rock tone, intense vocals, and a driving guitar sound, coupled with poignant lyrics, she remains true to the essence of her soul. In 2009 Sima moved to Los Angeles, CA to take her dreams to the next level. She put together a kick-ass band, shot the music video for her single “Breaking Down The Walls,” and released the single “Contradiction.”

Her hope is that through her music she can use her own life experiences to be a positive role model, an inspiration to her audience and an aid to aspiring artists in developing their own passion for music. While living in New York City, Sima studied at one of the most prestigious acting schools, Stella Adler Studio of Acting. She was under the instruction of esteemed acting coaches, Susan Batson and Anthony Vincent Bova. She worked with the best Vocal coaches such as Melissa Cross and Don Lawrence. Both trainings helped her develop a personal relationship to her music and the ability to express herself, to connect with others.

In 2012, Sima released her album “This Is My Truth,” which was released as a single.

“This Is My Truth” is Sima’s journey portrayed in songs. The record is an expression of her personality, strength, passion and desire to find truth and meaning in her life. It is about acceptance of herself, her past, facing her fears, her hardships when she felt disconnected and alone. It is about love and heartbreaks. Three significant individuals participated on this record: Aaron Knight, who is her original producer who worked with her from the beginning, three-time Grammy-Award winning producer/engineer, Tom Lord-Alge(U2,Peter Gabriel,Sarah McLachlan,Dave Matthews, Oasis and anymore..) and Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound Studios in NYC also a Grammy-Award winner, has been producing for major labels, mastering, engineering, and mixing hundreds of albums for major pop and rock music artists (The Rolling Stones,Billy Joel, Madonna,Eric Clapton, Muse..)mastered her single to perfection. For her next single, “Suffering Is My Addiction,” Sima teamed up with the producer Mikey Doling, lead guitar player from Snot, Soulfly, and Channel Zero as well a producer for many great local LA bands.

Haunting, Dangerous, Complex, “Suffering Is My Addiction” captures the essence of pulling closer while pushing away. Driving Guitars underscore the brutally honest and heartfelt vocals giving way to a melody as addictive as love itself.

In 2014 Sima released brand new singles “Alone With You” from the up coming EP “Beautiful Liar”. “Alone With You” pushes the boundaries of today’s modern alternative sound. With an onslaught of harmonious guitars synchronized meticulously with the intense drums. Love and raw eclectic emotion, shine through Sima’s poetic lyrics.

“Beautiful Liar” EP, features her most ambitious work to date as well as her most textured. From emotionally charged ballads like “Set It On Fire” to up tempo rockers like “Alone With You”, Sima has taken a large step forward in both production and songwriting. the EP “Beautiful Liar” was released on iTunes on May 13th 2014.

With a strong passion for growth and enlightenment, while Sima continually challenges herself she believes that by reaching for the stars she can achieve anything that she sets her mind to and hopes to encourage others to do the same. She’s currently working on a new project called “Broken Wings”, which involved a musical project, as well a powerful peace documentary. Sima’s goal is to create powerful music and inspiring peace documentary that will bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians and bring hope and inspiration to the new generation in Israel and all around the world. The first soundtrack of the documentary “Broken Wings” is set to be released in March 2018.

Sima feels that her extraordinary journey is just the beginning; however she feels privileged to be traveling along such a rewarding and successful path. She looks forward to continue learning, growing, and sharing her story, truth, pain, struggles and blessings with the rest of the world.

SK: For those who don't know Sima Galanti, how would you describe yourself?

SG: I would describe myself as a strong, passionate woman. I’m creative and expressive. I appreciate life and everything it has to offer. I have big heart. People’s and animal’s pain and suffering affect me as does the way humanity abuses Mother Earth. I believe in the power of love and healing. I have hope and faith in my heart. I do my best to follow my heart, my truth, and my passion for life. I'm adventurous and curious about life and all the people I meet. As a woman and an artist, my connections with God, the Universe, Mother Earth, and humanity are very important to me. I love having the ability to connect people with their emotions and sharing my heart through music. I’m honest, straightforward, and I speak my mind. I have strong willpower and I believe that if I can dream what I need, I can create it.

SK: Sima, what made you to come to NYC from a small village in Israel? What was your first impression?

SG: I grew up in a small town in Israel called Lod. It's a culturally mixed Arab/Jewish community with many socioeconomic problems. I came to the U.S. to fulfill my artistic dreams, my life’s mission, to find freedom, and a better future.

As a young girl, I used to lock myself in my room for hours and sing in front of the T.V. and listen to music that came from the U.S. Everything about America looked exciting and bigger than life. A place of opportunities where dreams can come true.

When I arrived in NYC, I remember getting out of the subway station in Times Square with my big suitcase. I was so overwhelmed. Everything was just mind blowing: the lights, bright colors, the huge billboards, and so many people in the streets from all over the world. There was the sound of music and street artists everywhere. It was full of life, excitement, and new possibilities.

SK: Can you share your creative process? How do you advise aspiring artists?

SG: Writing is always different for me and it comes in different ways at different times. Sometimes I write lyrics about life situations. If I am affected deeply by something, like a relationship, I will write about it. Most times, I have the melody in my head or the song. Other times, I hear a song I really like or a piece of instrumental music, and something about it inspires me to write. For the soundtrack for my peace documentary, Broken Wings, I just started writing the lyrics because I felt so affected by the situation in Israel and the Middle East and I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings. I started writing the lyrics and the melody was in my head. Then I did a simple pre-production on my computer and laid down scratch vocals. Then I went to my friend’s studio and worked with him on the actual production of the song.

My advice to aspiring artists is to trust the process, themselves, and their talent. Focus on their unique talent and individuality so they can stay strong and grounded. Have self-love and self worth. Find people who can guide them and mentor them and surround themselves with people who truly love and care about their well-being and their success. Learn the music business but don’t forget that you are an artist and need to be creating, feeling, living, expressing, and experiencing life. Don't try to fit the mold. Be unique, bold, different, and be YOU. Be happy you’re alive and trust your life. Always follow your dreams and your heart’s desires.

SK: What is at the core of the soul of Sima Galanti?

SG: At the core of my soul is love and passion. My need to give, connect with God and others, drives me. I like to be inspired and inspire others through my music and my life journey. I want to contribute to society and be a woman who touched people’s lives and heart.

SK: What is the mission of the *Broken Wings? *

SG: The mission of Broken Wings is to inspire a brighter future for Israeli and Palestinian people to break down the walls of hate through the universal language of music that connects hearts and opens dialogue. The musical narrative within Broken Wings reminds us of the atrocities and horrors of war, but also how similar we all are at our cores. It teaches us to never lose faith in the universal healing power of the human heart

SK: You have traveled far to pursue your American Dream. Any final words for the Global Lead readers?

SG: Find your life’s purpose and go for it. Just let it shine through you. Be love—give, and receive it.

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Tommy, thank you for reading the interview with amazing Sima Galanti!


Hi Tommy. Thank you for reading the article and for your kind words and support.
Feel free to share the crowd funding campaign page with others, as we still looking to raise more funds to complete the film. You can listen to my music on my website Also on Soundcloud/SimaGalanti and my official Facebook page is Facebook/Simamusicofficial



A great article and interview Svetlana Kim!
Sima Galanti inspires hope in today's world - and about the world where she comes from.
And yes: Be unique, bold, different, and be YOU. Be happy you’re alive!

Where can we find her music and website please?