Online Colleges – An Overview of The Top Online Colleges – Part 2

The second part of article about online-education.

UPX offers programs typically provide up to 24 hours of contact with a professor during any single course. They also require group projects in many of the courses. These projects group students into teams for the purpose of providing contact between students despite the remoteness of the individual students. The programs offered are typically abbreviated when compared to traditional courses but they offer adequate information for the student to become competent in their area of study.

Capella University is another leader among online colleges. Capella offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in many different areas of study including education, business, IT, and human services. In total they offer 114 different areas of specialization and provide a total of 1050 different online courses. They currently have over 28,000 students enrolled from every state in the US and over 50 different countries.

Like UPX, Capella requires that students have a GED or high school diploma. However the US Dept of Education states that Capella has accepted 100% of the applicants it has received. The majority of students enrolled with Capella are graduate students with only 18 percent being undergraduate students. This indicates that they cater mostly to those students looking for a masters or doctoral degree. Although they are an online university they do have residency requirements for some of their graduate programs.

DeVry Institute operates in a similar manner to Capella and UPX however they are part of a University campus that has existed since 1931. DeVry has a total enrollment of 80,000 on campus and off campus students. Unlike the other online colleges DeVry offers more than 90 campuses where students can attend classes in person. DeVry offers both undergraduate and graduate programs both through classroom and online study. They are perhaps best known for their technical programs that provide programs of study in it and other leading technologies.

Rasmussen is part of a 110 year old higher education institution that offers bachelor and associate degrees at several different campus locations throughout Illinois, North Dakota, and Florida. The online division of Rasmussen offers two year and four year programs in various areas of study. They do not however offer any graduate programs.

As mentioned above this is just a short list of some of the major online colleges. Hopefully this list will provide you with enough basic information to start you on a search for the right online study program for your needs. Keep in mind that in the past an online study program has been considered inferior to traditional study methods but in recent years most online institutions have improved their programs and are now competitive with most universities and colleges. However make sure to check out the credentials and accreditations of any school you might be considering.