Online Colleges – An Overview of The Top Online Colleges – Part 1

If you're interested in online-education, it's time to find out more information about educational process.

There are numerous reasons why an individual might elect to attend college online rather than attend a traditional college or university. In many cases it is simply more convenient to attend college online rather than attend a four year university. Perhaps you waited to go to college and it’s much more easier for you to write a essay online, because you have other obligations such as a job or a family. Regardless of whatever the reason might be for deciding to get your degree online it is good to know that there are numerous online colleges that offer quality study programs.

In recent years the amount of online colleges has greatly increased. As a result of this influx of online higher education opportunities it can be kind of confusing trying to decide what program is best for you. In order to simplify this process this article will review a few of the major internet universities. This is just a short list of a few of the more popular options.

The University of Phoenix (UPX) is perhaps the most popular online university out there. This alternative college has the second largest student body of any higher education institution in the United States, second only to the State University of New York. With a total student body of almost half a million students this school is by far the largest online university.

UPX provides undergraduate and graduate study programs in most major areas of study. In total they offer 100 degree programs. They function much like a traditional college in that they require the student to have a high school diploma or GED. They also require a student assessment prior to enrollment to determine the student’s levels of understanding in the core courses.