Mending Kids participates in the LA Marathon to save children

For three consecutive years, Mending Kids International has been participating in the LA Marathon.

For three consecutive years, Mending Kids International has been participating in the LA Marathon as one of their local charity partners. MKI (Mending Kids International) is a nonprofit organization based in Burbank, that provides free surgical care for children in need worldwide.

In previous years, the organization’s participation in the marathon had successfully yielded over $30,000 in fundraising efforts. The goal of each race, is to raise funds for the organization’s core programs. Individual Surgical Care, Hometown US Missions, Overseas Surgical Missions, Training Research and Innovation. The organization’s goal is to provide kids life-saving surgical care, while advancing education and training towards medical sufficiency in their communities.

(Photo by: Rebecca Parker) ​

Last year one of Mending Kids marathon runner’s, Ty Frost, sponsored a life-saving cardiac surgery for three year old Zainabu. Zainabu is from Kigoma, Tanzania, and was born with a congenital heart defect. Ty started an online fundraising campaign and raised over $4000 to pay for her corrective surgery. In November of 2017, Mending Kids reports that her surgery was successful. And the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Dar Es Salaam released her with a clean bill of health a few days later. Thanks to Ty’s fundraising efforts, a child’s life was saved. He had also run the 2016 LA Marathon to sponsor Gebon from Ethiopia, who also required heart surgery to survive. Zainabu, Gebon, and children like them is why Mending Kids runs at the LA Marathon.

This year, Team Mending Kids aims to raise money to support our core programs. To continue to serve their mission, to provide life-saving aid children both here in the United States and overseas.

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Mending Kids provides life-saving surgical care to children worldwide. Over the last 10 years, thousands of children have received corrective, transformational surgeries that have given them a chance at longer, healthier and happier lives. As well as providing surgeries, our overseas surgical teams train local staff towards medical sufficiency in their communities. Most of the surgeries performed correct congenital heart defects, colorectal anomalies, orthopedics, burns and Ear-Nose-Throat conditions. Mending Kids’ work is accomplished through four core programs: Overseas Surgical Missions, US Hometown Missions, Individual Surgical Care, and Training Research and Innovation.

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