Inspiring Women of the Past

Here are a few women I look up to. Their examples are inspiring and have helped me develop into a better woman.

These days, are already a lot of organization, campaigns and those who claim to fight for femininity and equality. However, there has been these courageous and powerful women who have been making a difference before.

Nurse. Her devotion to her co-patriots as well as to her profession gave a whole new meaning. She has saved a lot of soldier's life and made a change to nurses' outlook. To her, nursing is not a job but a devotion.

Marie Curie 1867--1934

Scientist/ Inventor. She played a role in creating is among the most useful machines. Marie Curie's birth name is Marya Sklodowska. She is Polish and is the first female who was awarded the Nobel Prize."

Mother Teresa 1910--1997

Mother Teresa is selflessness personified to put simply. She had dedicated her life helping the poor and the men and women that were most unlucky. She was awarded a well deserved Nobel prize for her charity missions that were lifelong in 1979.

Clara Barton 1821-1912

Educator. Became a teacher at an early age, she wanted to share the gift of education a public college was founded by her in NJ. After she was able to work with International Red Cross during the war, she also founded the American Red Cross. Like the rest of the inspirational women in this article, she had also dedicated her entire life helping others.

Actress. An intelligent girl, she broke the"dumb blonde" stereotyping in Hollywood. Not only this, she a very influential advocate of the rights. She showed the world the skin color shouldn't be a deterrent to privilege.

Helen Keller 1880--1968

Author. She has proven that someone couldn't be deterred by disabilities with outlook and the right attitude. Keller is the first blind and deaf who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is also a lifelong advocate of people with disabilities.

Amelia Earhart

Pilot. Earhart is the first female pilot who was able to fly across the Atlantic. Her bravery is now an inspiration to lots of girls to dare do what used to be considered"male jobs".

Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928

Activist. She is well known for her passionate struggle for the right of women. She's the founder of "The Women's Social and Political Union", and has protected many with wireless security cameras.

Katherine Hepburn 1907- 2003

Actress. An award-winning celebrity, you can imagine she can be especially to her fans. Her portrayal of strong-willed characters as well as her personal options gave a whole new meaning to"women wearing pants".