Global Hero of the Week: Isaiah Owolabi

Now, more than ever, it seems everyone could use a hero. Meet Together for Girls' weekly hero, Isaiah Owolabi.

His Twitter handle is @great_impact10. And that is precisely what Isaiah Owolabi is doing—having great impact on the lives of boys and girls in his native Nigeria and beyond.

He serves as the co-founder and project director of Hacey’s Health Initiative, an organization that supports children, women and young people in Africa who are most disadvantaged, to live healthy and productive lives. Owolabi uses his expertise as a development professional with experience in public health and corporate sustainability to foster a better life for young Nigerians. Hacey’s vision, which Owolabi shares, is to strengthen health and community systems in Africa and to ensure that the organization’s interventions are relevant and sustainable.

The organization, based in Nigeria, prides itself on using the CARE approach, which includes capacity building, advocacy, research, and education to support its beneficiaries. Hacey’s programs focus on sexual and reproductive health and advocacy; the promotion of the rights and inclusions of persons with disabilities; environmental education and action; HIV/AIDS; youth leadership; women’s empowerment and sanitation and hygiene.

One of the programs, the Hands Up for Her Initiative, highlights the unique challenges that African girls face growing up, which hinder them from achieving their potential. By putting girls’ issues on the forefront of the local and global development agenda, the initiative seeks to stop violence against girls and women and educate them on their health and rights.

Owolabi is also on a mission to end malaria. As the Program Manager for GBCHealth’s Corporate Alliance for Malaria in Africa (CAMA) initiative, he helps to increase business engagement in the multi-sector collaboration to fight malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

In recent years, Owolabi received a prestigious award from Queen Elizabeth II. One of the four Nigerians to be presented with the Inaugural Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, he was recognized by the British monarch for inspiring change. In addition, Owolabi is an alumna of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young Leaders, which is a program in conjunction with The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Launched by President Obama in 2010, YALI seeks to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance and enhance peace and security across Africa.

Owolabi is absolutely living up to his Twitter handle; there is no doubt that his work will continue to have great impact for generations to come.

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Agreed! Such a lovely initiative...


Always a pleasure to see the hero for the week.. Great work TEAM GLOBAL :)