Calling All Earth Guardian Crews to Action: #PledgeToPlant Earth Day Challenge!

How many trees can you inspire your community to plant by Earth Day?

We all know the problems uprooting our families and communities, but who will be courageous enough to plant the solution? Planting trees is a powerful and effective way to address many aspects of climate injustices like water scarcity and soil health, and are one of the best ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere!

How many trees can you inspire your community to plant by Earth Day? Let’s find out! The crew that gets the most trees planted will win Earth Guardians swag and social media exposure!
Your Action Tool Kit

1 - Sign the #PledgeToPlant

2 - Share on social media leading up to Earth Day that you #PledgeToPlant. Tag Earth Guardians and ForestNation in your posts:

Facebook - @EarthGuardiansTribe @imagineforestnation
Twitter  - @earthguardianz @ForestNation
Instagram - @earthguardians @imagineforestnation

3 - Set a goal and see how many others in your community you can inspire to #PledgeToPlant. More info

4 - Get seeds/saplings here:

Or write a donation request to your local tree nursery (if you're unsure how to do this- feel free to email to get clarity)

5- Organize a community planting on Earth Day, or just go plant some trees with your crew - every tree planted is a step toward the sustainable future we envision! If it's not planting season you can #PledgeToPlant at a later date and instead make art/music or host an educational event.

6 - Make a gif of your planting progress and share it on social media with hashtag #PledgeToPlant and tag Earth Guardians and ForestNation (as always, if you are under the age of 13, practice good online safety and check in with your parents before posting publicly or ask them to help you share). Here’s one to get you started

7 - Add your total trees or have your local Earth Guardian Crew add your community's total number of trees planted.

Sign up here:

We’ll announce our total Earth Guardians trees planted from all crews and the Crew that rocked the most trees planted! Get involved on whatever level you can - you don’t have to do it all but together we can do so much.