#50SimpleThings Tip #26: Turn down shower water a few degrees

If you’re looking for simple actions to take to cut your carbon footprint, turning down your water temperature is as easy as it gets!

Not only does water cost money, but heating the water also costs. The more hot water you use, the higher your electricity bill will go. To start, you could take shorter showers. That’s what most people will tell you to do if your water bill is too high. What they don’t know is that by simply turning down your water a few degrees, you can drastically decrease the amount you spend on your shower. In addition and most importantly, you'll use way less fossil fuels to heat your water, especially in the winter, when time spent in showers and baths increase dramatically.

How many people, do you think, dread getting out of the shower in the winter? Well, it’s a lot. What would help you to not fall into that water-loving trap? Simply turning down the shower a few degrees will help reduce your longing to stay in. Not only that, but colder water is better for both your skin and your hair. Cooler or lukewarm showers can keep skin hydrated and help hair stay strong and shiny.

So do yourself and our environment a favor by turning down the temperature of your water!

Meme made by awesome youth volunteer Hallie!


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Great info! Important to know.