Threats to Whales are on the Rise

More than 8-million tons of plastic make it into the ocean every year

Countless other types of trash and marine debris are beginning to clutter the ocean. It has come to the point that it is dangerous to even just swim in the ocean as a whale.

69% of whale species have been recorded ingesting marine plastic and whales becoming entangled in things like ghost nets or abandoned fishing gear is a common occurrence that can result in bodily injury and even death. In addition, there are a host of other man-made threats to whales that include things such as:

  • Whaling for food
  • Climate change
  • Ship strikes
  • Toxic contamination
  • Oil and gas development
  • Habitat degradation

Because of threats like these, 5 of the 13 great whale species are listed as endangered and as pressures on these creatures continue to mount, it is going to be even more critical for governments, companies, and organizations to put more emphasis on whale conservation efforts. Healthy oceans need whales and Planet Earth needs healthy oceans to support life as we know it.


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