Rescued Piglet Gets to Live as a ‘Someone’ Not a ‘Something’ – and It’s Beautiful

Laura’s fate was sealed until rescuers stepped in to save her from a life of cruelty. Just look at that sweet face!

Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals that have somehow been dealt a terrible blow from humanity. Instead of being treated with the dignity and respect due to all animals, most pigs born today will know only cruelty and brutality for their entire short lives as they are too often only considered to be “food.” This means that most animals will be separated from their mothers shortly after birth, kept in tiny, filthy metal, and cement confines, denied the right to roam or run or often, to even feel the sun before being sent off to slaughter. Luckily, Laura’s story is a happy one.

Laura was rescued from this cruel fate by the good people at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, which is an animal sanctuary dedicated to saving the lives of farm animals like her.

Without the help of Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, Laura would have been destined to become a breeding machine and then a meal. Luckily for her, those days are something she will never experience and she can look forward to a lifelong home filled with sunlight, love, and respect – as well as a never-ending supply of cuddles! If you would like to help this group in their lifesaving mission, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.