New Documentary Blows the Lid Off of Mass Slaughter

Exploitation of Australia’s Beloved Kangaroo

When you think of Australia, a few things probably first come to mind. Perhaps the Sydney Opera House, images of lush beaches and the iconic Australian Outback, vast plains that stretch on for what seems like forever. Australia is also teeming with diverse wildlife, including koalas, wallabies, dingos … and of course, kangaroos.

Kangaroos are the official animal of Austrailia and are intricately linked with the nation’s culture. Images of kangaroos are often used by sports teams, top companies, and on tourists souvenirs. The kangaroo is a beloved animal that has bounded across the flat, native Australian outback for thousands of years.

Despite admiration for the marsupial, Austrailia keeps a dark secret. In the dark night, out in the bush where no one can see, three to four million kangaroos are being killed every year in the biggest land-based wildlife slaughter on the planet. And now, thanks to the eye-opening documentary, Kangaroo, thousands will now be exposed to the truth.

Australia’s Dark Side

Mick McIntyre and Kate McIntyre Clere, the producers, writers, and directors behind Kangaroo, wanted to get at the heart to this love-hate relationship and set out to interview prominent figures on both sides of the issue. As the documentary shows, this complex issue is one that people need to start talking about.

To farmers, kangaroos are seen as nothing more than pests, often called vermin because it’s believed kangaroos compete with sheep. It has been proven that kangaroos do not compete with sheep, however, every year, farmers are granted permits by the Australian government to kill up to 1,000 kangaroos (at any time they wish) for what is called “pest mitigation.” Farmers are also capable of getting commercial licenses for professional kangaroos hunters to come onto their farms to kill the animals.

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This is horrific! I hope this film comes to the US!