DID YOU KNOW? A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away?

The African Lion, popularly referred to as the, “king of the jungle” has long since been associated with strength, power

Image by Mathias Appel

throughout history. They live in the dry conditions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Unlike most big cats, lions are not solitary animals and are known to be the most social of all cats. They live in groups called prides, often with several related females (who live together for life), their cubs, and up to three adult males. While the female lions do most of the hunting, the males are responsible for protecting their territory and fellow pride members.

In Swahili, lions are called ‘Simba’,which inspired the Disney movie The Lion King. As a carnivore, they can feed on any animal, however zebras and antelopes form the majority of their diet.


The species is currently listed as vulnerable.


A major threat to their survival is habitat loss and human conflict, where they are killed to protect livestock. These issues have reduced their home territories from 80% of what they once lived on. Designated protected areas are not enough to ensure their long term survival. Lions were once found from Northern Africa to Asia, even extending into Europe. Now they can only be found in Africa and Asia, where the other subspecies, the Asiatic Lion is also found.