CAT Entertainment, LLC has donated $250.00 each to two like-minded charities; African Wildlife Protection Fund and The Black Mambas.

November 6, 2017 (Hollywood, CA) – CAT Entertainment, LLC has donated $250.00 each to two like-minded charities; African Wildlife Protection Fund and The Black Mambas. CAT Entertainment was launched after writer/director/producer Linda Palmer and South African writer, Deon van Rooyen, wrote the short film screenplay, “Cat Dexx – Inkosi” recently filmed on the grounds of Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife in Frazier Park, California. Martin’s lion Massai played Inkosi.

In July 2015 after the beloved lion, known worldwide as Cecil was murdered, Runaway Productions founder, writer/director/producer, Linda Palmer became outraged. Through that rage, the idea to raise awareness of this crisis via film was born. Palmer collaborated with South African writer, Deon van Rooyen, to tell the story which features the main character, Cat Dexx. Dexx is a military veteran enraged over the death of a lion she hand-reared. The depths of her revenge are rooted in indignation over people killing wildlife for sport, for trophies. Shortly after this script was developed, CAT Entertainment was formed. CAT Entertainment, LLC, is owned by Palmer, van Rooyen and Lena Pousette, who all serve as creators for the franchise which includes a novel, video games, a prequel, sequel, and a television series.

Palmer stated, “When Cecil was killed I channeled my anger into a creative process that would put focus on something we all at a base, human, level understand. Revenge for the voiceless. It’s important to us at CAT Entertainment to support like-minded organizations that we can partner with and advance awareness for these worthy causes.”

About Runaway Productions

Runaway Productions is an award-winning boutique production company focusing on commercial and feature film production. For more information on Runaway Productions, please visit

About CAT Entertainment

Lead by the production team of Linda Palmer, Deon van Rooyen, and Lena Pousette, CAT Entertainment’s sole focus is to spread the vision of modern-day heroin, Cat Dexx. Cat’s story will be told via game, film, print, television, and more. For more information, please visit and follow Cat Dexx on Facebook @CatDexx and on Twitter @cat_dexx.

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