Wild Philanthropy and Conservation Journeys

Everywhere we go is facilitated by the travel desk. It’s in our DNA. It defines who we are.

Conservation Journeys is Wild Philanthropy’s in-house travel arm.

It designs, costs and manages the opportunity for conservation-focused travel to Africa.

Wild Philanthropy opens up the frontiers of travel and conservation for our clients in a way that few others, if any, can provide. Powered by Journeys by Design, these extraordinary trips are designed to give travelers an in-depth view of some of our current projects and enable them to see the conservation and community projects we support. Special guests will join us along the way to give you expert insight into ecosystems, tribes, wildlife and conservation.

All profits from these trips are channeled back into Wild Philanthropy. The aim is to use these funds to cover operating costs for Wild Philanthropy, thus freeing up donations to be directed 100% on the ground. We also anticipate that travelers will also donate to Wild Philanthropy after seeing firsthand the approach we are taking.