Impact on future generations

Reconnecting people and the new generations to nature is key to the solution.

It will change the course of history for Kenya's wildlife.

Choosing a travelling lifestyle of service, adventure and philanthropy.

One of Wild Philanthropy’s visions is about the power of travel to change people’s lives. It is about cultivating growth and purpose in the next generation. Traveling to new places is essential education for young people’s personal and professional development, regardless of what industry they work in.

For some, this type of impact travel might be out of their comfort zones, however they will discover new interests and skills while learning to understand different cultures - insights they might not otherwise realize.

Travel teaches tolerance and compassion

Travel exposes us to new cultures, religions and communities that we’d never encounter on the streets of San Francisco, Toronto or London. It helps us see the amazing differences between people - and also the universal qualities we share. In my travels, I’ve met global child protectors and leaders, members of the Balinese Monkey Chant healing the earth and Cambodian artists who have opened my mind to new leadership philosophies and shown me that there’s always more than one way to solve a problem.

Be inspired by beautiful things

To do great and disruptive work, you have to be inspired - and that is one of the greatest benefits of travel. Science backs this up; recent studies suggest that traveling actually sparks new synapses and revitalizes brain activity.

Understanding our place

Regardless of how amazing the trip was, we often leave destinations with a better appreciation of home. Exploring new places helps you understand where you come from and gives you a sense of groundedness. Travel gives you an appreciation of why it’s important to know where you come from, and what can be done for others.

It is true that the journey will change you. It can also motivate others to support your vision and, eventually, affect real change. We are inviting you to join us, join our vision and our efforts – and be part of the solution to help preserving Africa’s wildlife, land and communities.

Our first edition of ‘Wild Philanthropy Magazine’ shares a conservancy journey through Kenya and how innovative thinking leads to new ideas and possibilities.

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Brigitte Perreault