A Conservancy Safari through Kenya: Life Changing

Choosing a travelling lifestyle of service, adventure and philanthropy.

Last October, Wild Philanthropy - a division of Journeys By Design, based in UK - hosted a Conservancy Safari in Kenya and I was fortunate enough to be invited as a writer and publisher, to meet and interview key stakeholders of various conservancies either privately run, community run or government run. Our first stop was Namunyak, a community run conservancy in the north, surrounded by the Matthews Mountain Range.

The picturesque plains and luxuriant mountain slopes are home to elephants, leopards, giraffes & more. This is home of the proud Samburu tribe, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who have long shown tolerance for the wildlife that co-exists alongside their cattle. The Samburu defy industrialized settlement and cherish the customs and colorful ceremonies of their ancestors.

Travel exposes us to new cultures, religions and communities that we’d never encounter on the streets of San Francisco, Toronto or London. It helps us see the amazing differences between people - and also the universal qualities we share. In my travels, I’ve met global child protectors and leaders, members of the Balinese Monkey Chant healing the earth and Cambodian artists who have opened my mind to new leadership philosophies and shown me that there’s always more than one way to solve a problem.

Beginning this January, I will be publishing several articles about our conservancy journey, as well as publish a new digital magazine called: Wild Philanthropy.

Brigitte Perreault
CEO | The Global Lead