33 species get new protections

(Wikimedia Commons)

A conservation agreement crossing international borders for 33 migratory species

This is positive news!

Backed by the United Nations Environment Program, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) has voted to add new protections to 33 migratory species. The convention provides a framework to help nations cooperate in conserving species that cross international boundaries, giving them a space and resources to negotiate international treaties and memorandums of understanding.

The convention votes to add species considered threatened with extinction and are a priority for conservation. Other listed migratory species listed in the convention would benefit from international conservation cooperation.

Last October, twelve mammal species were added to list including the leopard and lion, which along with the cheetah and wild dog, listed in 2009, are part of larger African Carnivores Initiative. Other mammals include the giraffe, the African Wild Ass, Przewalski’s Horse and four species of bats. The Gobi bear, a subspecies of brown bear with only 45 individuals remaining in Mongolia and China was added to the appendices as well as the Caspian seal, the only marine mammals that lives in the Caspian sea.

Protecting our wildlife, our land, our earth is urgent and it is reassuring to know these programs and conventions are committed to do so, internationally.