Why Web Writing has to Be A Lot Faster
One of the other huge differences between web writing and writing for magazines and newspapers is the speed at which the articles must be written. With a magazine article it can take you many hours and even days before the final article is ready to be published. Web writing does not have that luxury of time. It is critical that you churn out your articles as rapidly as possible while retaining the best possible quality. This is not easy to achieve but neither is it impossible. You just need to be focused and be prepared to put in plenty of practice for web writing.

Why is speed so important with article web writing? This is because you need plenty of articles to make an impact as far as SEO is concerned. One article or a few just won't cut it. You need plenty of articles. In fact for the best SEO effect you will need to constantly update your site with fresh new content. This will have a very positive effect on the amount of traffic you receive directly from search engines.

It is probably for the same reason that the rates for web articles is very low which means that in web writing you will need to churn out plenty of articles to earn a decent income. Take out more at http://essaywritinginau.com/homework-help-in-australia/ website